Ausstellung – Eunsoon Hwang, „The East_The West“

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Ausstellung – Eunsoon Hwang, „The East_The West“

Datum: 17. Juli – 23. Juli 2018, 11 – 18 Uhr

Ort: Korea Kulturhaus Österreich


The East_The West

For a few years, I have taken pictures in Europe and Korea; the different objects with their own meanings. Under the different sky, on the different land, and among the different people, I captured life reflected in different objects. The difference led me to release the shutter but the different images were alike and connected with each other. They were different with my eyes but similar in my heart.


Eunsoon Hwang

  • 1946 Born in Seoul
  • 1968 BA, Music (Sukmyeong Women’s University)
  • 2003 Nemosoksesang Photo Exhibition (Fuji Photo Salon)
  • 2004 Nemosoksesang Photo Exhibition (Daehangro Yechonghoikwan Gallery)
  • 2004 Myongryoon Photo Exhibition (Seonkyun Gallery, Seonkyunkwan University)
  • 2006 Further Study on Water (Gallery Photoland)
  • 2011 Seoul Photo Festival Review (Seoul Museum of Art)
  • 2014 Lovely Photography (Gallery Index)
  • 2014 The 1st Modern Photo Contest (Gallery Index)
  • 2015 The 2nd Modern Photo Contest (Gallery Index)
  • 2017 Visible is Invisible for duo (Gallery Index)
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